G&G Signs, Leicester

The Company

G&G Signs is a family run business founded by George Greet in 1984. George has been semi retired for around five years now but still has a very active input in G&G Signs. (To all of our loyal customers who ask on a regular bases George is still George with his sharp wit and repartee and can still sell snow to the Eskimo's) most of his time is now taken up as an unpaid childminder to his grandchildren that he adores.

The Equipment

We have grown rapidly over our 26-year history and now operate using the most advanced production equipment from our custom-made premises. With a flexible manufacturing system we ensure the swift production of all types of signs. The scope and flexibility of our staff enables us to cope with those rush jobs without any sacrifice of quality.

G&G signs have invested over £100,000 pounds in new equipment over the last couple of years making us on of the UK's largest supplier of street nameplates with one of the quickest lead times in the industry (7-10 day turnaround for street nameplates)

Our Service

From initial discussion of an order through to progressing the artwork, cutting of the materials, production and assembly of the sign, efficient and effective production control makes sure that everything runs smoothly and that deadlines are met.