Recycled plastic bollards are suitable for light and medium duty marker usage. The grained outer appearance makes them a durable alternative to timber bollards in parks, rural environments and landscaped sights.



Height (from ground level) Total Length Base Width / Diameter Colours Available
Octagonal section with DomeTop and rings ODR 1100mm 1440mm 140mm Black
'Amsterdam' Taper DomeTop AMS 750mm 1200mm 145mm Black
Chamfered Square Section without rings CS 1100mm 1440mm 140mm Black
Chamfered Square Section with rings CSR 1100mm 1440mm 140mm Black
Octagonal section with DomeTop, without rings OD 1100mm 1440mm 140mm Black
Mini Octagonal section with DomeTop and rings JDR 900mm 1360mm 118mm Black
Grass Protection Bollard with Angled Tops* Protection 500mm 1000mm 100,120 &150mm Black
Dubliner Dubliner 895mm 1235mm 175mm Black or White

Constructed of recycled plastic from 100% mixed post-consumer waste.

  • Environmentally friendly - 100% recycled material
  • Weather resistant bollard
  • Durable and easy to maintain
  • Fire proof performance
  • Crack resistant

Unless otherwise stated, G&G bollards require a minimum below ground depth of 450mm to 500mm and 400mm square. Setting in concrete to a strength of 23Kn is preferred. Positioning pegs are available for keying into the concrete where bolloards are supplied with a pre-drilled hole located approximately 200mm up from the base.